Nursing is based on values of caring, and aims to help individuals to attain independence in self-care. The teachers have the responsibility to be role models and create learning environment that enables students to acquire inquiry driven, self-directed learning and foster an attitude of lifelong learning. At YUVA health care, we believe learning is a life-long process. In YUVA Institute, Students engage in active learning experiences that enable them to be self-directed learners. A solid grounding in the underlying scientific principles of competencies helps students translate learning from the lab to a variety of clinical settings. The YUVA Institute staff facilitates this learning process with the help of R.H. Dave psychomotor domain.

Imitation: Observing and patterning behavior after educator’s discussion using standardized content and demonstration of procedures.
Manipulation: Being able to perform procedures by following instructions in hands on sessions.
Precision: having a constructive feedback of the procedure from the educator and refining the skills.
Articulation: Coordinating a series of actions, achieving harmony and internal consistency with different procedures and holistic patient care.
Naturalization: Having high level performance become natural, without needing to think much about it.
We work hard to make the lab a non-threatening environment where Nurses feel safe to learn, yet are challenged to continually grow and improve their performance